Facade (frame) scaffolding - Universalūs pastoliai

Facade (frame) scaffolding

Facade (frame) scaffolding is usually used for performing finish and renovation work and working on individual houses. They are easier and faster to erect.

Properties of facade (frame) scaffolding:

  • all elements are made of metal;
  • the bottom row is fitted onto supporting legs or adjustable base plates positioned onto wooden panels;
  • frames and ladder-frames are then mounted one on top of the other to the required height. ladder-frames are installed throughout the entire height of the scaffolding – these elements allow the workers to climb onto the scaffolding;
  • to ensure the stability of the system, the external surfaces of the scaffolding frames are joined using horizontal and diagonal braces (they are installed following a chequered pattern). These horizontal braces are also used for joining the inner surfaces of the frames. The frames have special brackets on them which are used for attaching the horizontal and diagonal braces;
  • the beams are installed on both the inner and outer sides;
  • the scaffolding is attached to a wall via fasteners (anchors); these anchors are attached to the scaffolding using special clamps;
  • there are two types of anchor fastenings: loop anchors with a dowel and sleeve anchors;
  • the number of support plates and supporting elements depends on the flatness of the platform (ground) onto which the scaffolding is being erected;
  • the working and safety levels of the scaffolding have protective horizontal pieces. The working and climbing sections also have horizontal protective bars (in sections where there are no diagonal beams installed).


1. Horizontal wooden panel (2.5 m or 3 m).
2. Horizontal aluminium plate with a hatch (2.5 m or 3 m).
3. Ladder.
4. Stairs.
5. Frame.
6. Side handrail.
7. End handrail.
8. Supporting base.
9. Elongating piece.
10. Clamp.
11. Console (one-part or two-part).
12. Side / end protective wooden panel (2.5 m or 3 m).
13. L-shaped frame.
14. Diagonal piece (2.5 m or 3 m).
15. Frame support.
16. Supporting piece.