Scaffolding erection / dismantling - Universalūs pastoliai

Scaffolding erection / dismantling


Our team of professionals shall bring the scaffolding to the specified area and assemble it.

We only use modular and frame scaffolding from German companies Bera Rux and Layer. These systems are safe and easy to erect and have all the required European certificates. Our company also owns trucks which are used to bring the scaffolding systems to the specified areas. When erecting the scaffolding systems and scaffold towers, we take into account the height specified by the client and the width of the construction site.

Once the scaffolding is installed, the client has to sign a document–plan depicting the locations of the scaffolding systems and the locations where the scaffolding is attached to the wall, as well as a transfer–acceptance act permitting the use of the scaffolding. These documents are drawn up at the end of the month together with forms F2, F3 and a VAT invoice.


The professional staff at Universalus pastoliai UAB will dismantle and, using our own transport, take away the scaffolding at the end of the rent term or upon the client's request.